New Rohde Findings for Chains and Wires


  • Chainstopper with pushbutton in gold and silver
  • Chainstopper with springsystem in gold, silver and stainless steel
  • Chainstopper with siliconering inside in gold and silver



     Available in:

     6mm Item No. 9-00003

     7mm Item No. 9-00005


     750/- yellow | 750/- white | 750/- rose | Platinum | 925/- Silver Sterling


Single and 2-row Stingray bracelets

with click lock
Item No.: 2-1414L (2-row) | 2-1413L (single)

*NEW Stingray bracelets

with magnetic clasps

Item No.: 2-1416M (12x6mm) | 2-1415M (10x5mm)

Endcaps with Pin for Pearls

Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel goldplated, 925/- Silber,

14K, 18K

Item No.: 9-00026

ID: 3mm | 4mm | 5mm | 7,2mm (Pin: 5mm)

Stingray bracelets with endcaps

Item No.: 2-1406P