»The family tradition company«

Rohde Schmuckwaren GmbH


Friedrich Kirschner, grandfather of the present Managing Directors Uwe Rohde and Annette Wiedermann, starts up production of the very first semi-finished jewellery findings collection and conducts the business under his family name.


Helmut Rohde takes over the family business from his father-in-law and carries it on together with his wife, Ingeborg Rohde nee Kirschner, under his own name.


Uwe Rohde and his sister Annette Wiedermann devote themselves to the corporate management activities and go on to lead Rohde Schmuckwaren GmbH to further success. Both managing directors had been actively working in the company since 1992 and 1993 respectively. Conversion of the company into an LLC paves the way to further expansion.


Mr Rohde and Mrs Wiedermann acquire the previously existing LG Findings GmbH (Leach & Garner GmbH) under its new name LG Findings GmbH with headquarters in Wimsheim, which since then has been managed as an independent, corporate subsidiary.